Tuesday, March 24, 2009

F10 is upgraded to F11 Alpha without problems.

I am impressed with KDE 4.2. Wireless and Bluetooth working out of the box. I did not face any troubles with suspend and hibernate in Fedora 10 but in F11 it is sometimes not working. I think Sound is better that in F10. Overall i have nice impressions and i hope it will be even better when we will get Fedora 11 Leonidas :).


Anonymous said...

I had to nuke my .gconf directory to get suspend back working -- at one point, using an old account, suspending works but on resume I'm taken back to GDM. Overall, I agree, though -- smooth upgrade.

Anonymous said...


Can you please outline the steps you took to achieve it and your hardware profile. I'm also wishing to update my box but the last two attempts wasn't that good.

Thank you.

mipasov said...

Just boot from Installation DVD and select "install or upgrade an existing system". Then you will have another menu with two Radio Boxes 1. Upgrade existing system, 2.Install Fedora so you must select 1st one to upgrade your system.

But as i understand it is not stable yet. When you perform some operations system just halts. And only solution is to reboot :).

My hardware profile : Acer Aspire 4710,Intel Core 2 Duo, 1GB RAM, Mobile Intel graphics accelerator.

Good luck.