Monday, April 20, 2009

Solution for Software Labs.

Few months back we had very big trouble in our software laboratories because of virus attacks. We used to use Windows XP but this OS is very vulnerable for viruses. It is getting impossible to work even with notepad(more impossibler with NetBeans and Eclipse) because machine is becoming too slow when it is infected. Our engineers tried various anti virus software but it did not help.
So in one of the meetings they told how they are suffering by formatting PC's and installing tools that we use again and again .
As an alternative we decided to install Fedora in our labs. Why Fedora?Our lab is for Software Development. Fedora has full stack of Software Development tools including java,php,c/c++ and mysql,postgresql and etc... And it is quite easy to install other tools. So you install once and just use it.
So it passed 3 months and our labs are working just fine.