Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fedora 10 in International Ataturk Alatoo University, Kyrgyzstan.

So Fedora 10 is released in Kyrgyzstan. Release was done with grate success.
We followed following agenda:
1. Fedora Project Overview and Fedora 10
2.Fedora Electronic Labs
3.Fedora 10 installation
4.Tea and snacks
We were expecting 200 people but attended approximately 100~120.
Now we are looking forward to think opensource. Actually everything started after the release party. So many newbies with so many questions :-).
Thank you to Joerg Simon for his grate support and to my friends Musa Muhammad and Azamat for their huge help.


nayyares said...

Excellent !

You did great Job.


mipasov said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Your name has already been mentioned during the Fedora Ambassadors Day at Basel recently. We all are very proud to have an Ambassador at Kyrgyzstan, because it shows how widespread Fedora is.

Mirlan, you did very very well with this event! I hope one day we can meet in the real world, so I can thank you for the work you did, the time you spent and all you passion for Fedora! A really BIG THANKS!


Kital said...

hot terrific wicked awesome ;)
Great Work!

mipasov said...

thank you. This work is done with the infinite support of Fedora community and especially my friend Joerg. I hope we will organize a lot of nice events together.

Nuriles said...

That is a huge leap for our university!

bathmate said...

nice posting for this site...